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Turnkey Live Event Solutions

Live production is, by nature, chaos. Our skillset is taking as many aspect of that chaos and creating calm. 

Catalyst Unfound is Operated by Joe Condrey. His vast experience in live production has led to developing a strong network amongst all trades in live production. With that stated, Catalyst Unfound has two main operations:

1) To utilize the best of the best in seasoned freelance operators and subcontract trusted partner companies who hold that same level of expertise. 

Currently we handle a variety of

radio station events, music festivals, and shows at dedicated arenas/amphitheatres across Northern California with audiences ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

We're well versed in signal processing and distribution to one or many screens, in traditional 16:9 format, vertical 9:16 or any crazy shape in between.  

2) Provide the catalyst for many new prospects to join the exciting and demanding lifestyle of live event production. 

Across the board live production companies, broadcast trucks, and all other audio visual event teams are on the hunt for new talent. We see an opportunity to train that talent on the off season, allowing us to provide jobs directly and to indirectly provide avenues for careers in live events and broadcast with other companies. We can all get behind creating jobs. 

We are also currently working to develop the "Freelance Crew Forum" which you can find just a couple tabs over on this website. The idea is to be an open database to freelancers and companies looking for labor. Anyone can create a profile and brief description of skills, geographical preferences, and contact info. 

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